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Honda CB360T brat cafe £3000.00
Brat Style, Café Racer, Scrambler
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Andover, United Kingdom
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13 days

Tell us about your bike

For sale is my beloved 1976 Honda CB360T. (actually appears as a G on V5). To say this is a reluctant sale is an understatement but needs must so… here we are. I bought it in May 2014 and spent the next 18 months slowly but surely converting it into some sort of scrambler/brat/cafe racer hybrid. But not only that, I also upgraded key components along the way to make it more reliable and better, while still maintaining its 70s charm. The bike has an MOT until October. Tax and insurance is very cheap. 


Please carefully read everything below!


When I bought it it looked to be in fantastic condition, only 3000 miles on the clock. When I stripped it down it was mechanically in great shape but the electrics were absolutely knackered. They’ve now been replaced with a mixture of nos and more modern replacements. A Pamco electric ignition has been fitted to replace the points (you will thank me for this if you know anything about points), new regulator/rectifier, new battery, LED lights, and little things like more robust wiring and better fuse holders.


The guy I bought it off originally had a CB250 frame fitted, which he replaced with the CB360 frame now on it. For some reason it’s still registered as a CB250T which I haven’t changed because it makes it cheaper to run. When inspecting old MOT records I noticed that around 2011 it was showing as having done 20,000 miles. I’m not sure why this is. From as far as I can tell the guy who sold it to me was genuine and not trying to run a low mileage scam, but I suppose you never can tell. However, the bike runs perfectly and as I said, it’s mechanically very good.


I've had a couple of questions about the above. The engine and frame numbers on the bike match up with those in the V5 log book. The previous owner has marked the 250 frame number into the 360 frame, I guess as a way to get around re-registering the bike. There's a mention of it in the advisories on the MOT which you can look up online (reg UUC 6715).


One thing I’m most proud of is the carbs. There is a bloke in Florida who is a master of CB360 carbs, probably the most niche thing of all time. In order to get the bike running well with pod air filters the general consensus is to have the carbs modified by PJ in Florida. Posting the original carbs to him from the UK was stupidly expensive so we found a very reasonably priced set in the US and had them shipped to him. He cleaned them up and modded them and sent them on to me. With the pods on, carbs synced, and the timing done the bike really flies.


Another thing I’m pretty proud of is the LED headlight. This was imported from America and replaces the original halogen H4 bulb and draws about half the power - an excellent saving when you consider that the charging systems on these bikes are not great. You can find it here under 20W H4 LED Headlight Bulb about halfway down the page: http://www.sparckmoto.com/Products


I also had CL360 (scrambler) headers imported from America because they look cooler than their CB counterparts, but the original headers will be included.


Here’s a list of everything (I think) that’s been done/replaced/added:


- New tyres

- New clutch and throttle cables

- New wiring throughout (give or take a few things that didn’t need replacing)

- New regulator/rectifier

- New starter solenoid

- New headlight bucket with LED headlight

- New indicators (LED bulbs can be included but haven’t been fitted yet)

- New LED rear/brake light

- New battery

- Pamco electric ignition

- New chain

- New speedo and tach with LED indicator lights

- Rebuilt front brake with new steel hose and new master cylinder

- New seat custom made

- Hagon rear shocks custom made

- CL360 exhaust headers

- Renthal superbike ultra low bars

- New handlebar controls

- New grips

- Steel seat hoop professionally welded to frame

- Fuel tank has been de-rusted with phosphoric acid and a new petcock and fuel cap seal have been fitted

- K&N air filters

- New allen bolts to replace old bolts

- New oil drain plug bolt


There is very little negative to say about this bike to be honest. There are a few more bits I'd like to do but now that I'm resigned to selling it it seems pointless. It flew through its MOT and has been perfect ever since, although I’ve barely ridden it. At some point in its life the tank has been painted with a poor quality paint - if petrol splashes on it it leaves a mark. A new finish for the tank was on my list of things to do and I haven’t got around to it. Same with the frame - it’s in really good shape but could probably do with a winter teardown to be painted at some point. There’s a bit of rust in places, mainly the spokes and rims, again something I never got around to cleaning up. It’s surface rust and would come off pretty easily. It’s a 40 year old bike after all!


I think that’s pretty much everything. I have most of the original parts of the bike which can be included if you want them plus a LOT of extras - gaskets, bulbs, other stuff in boxes. I’ve put a lot of love into the bike and it has been done up to a pretty high standard. If it ends up being sold and anything ever goes wrong I’d be more than happy to spend a few hours wrenching on it or at least trying to help.


I think the price is fair and reflective of the work done, the value of the parts and what other people are selling these sorts of bikes for! Delivery is possible, buyer pays fuel costs. Otherwise buyer collects from Andover, Hampshire.


Any questions please give me a shout.


Thanks for looking.

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