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Mother Chopper £5995.00
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Bristol, United Kingdom
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19 days

Tell us about your bike

This is my 1986 chopped 1973 Harley 1000 XLCH based in Bristol.


I’ve owned it since 2014 and have done quite a lot to change its appearance and have it in the condition it is in today.


The pictures are from the ‘Ride Culture Show’ at the end of October this year, so very recent. 


It was completely rewired and all electrics up graded by Avon County Choppers in 2015

New S&S Carb and filter (fitted by AC Choppers)

I’ve made it hardtail with Biltwell struts

Rear fender from FXR Shovel

Stainless sissy bar

New Chain

Brass fuel tank from India, it’s well made and I’ve resin lined it.

Copper wrapped fuel line

Vintage brass headlamp

I built the seat and backrest, it was upholstered by ‘Saddlesoreted’ of Somerset.


Regarding the engine and the gearbox, there are loads of receipts from the previous owners. From 2006 the gearbox was rebuilt.

Swing arm powder coated


The engine was stripped

Crankshaft replaced, lightened and balanced

S&S con rods

Big end bearing

Main bearings

Little end bushes,

Pistons and rings,

Re-bored barrels to +.50(so 2 rebores left on them)

Replaced camshaft bushings, bearings and line reamed

The oil pump main shaft and bushes replaced,

Gearbox trapdoor bearing replaced

The clutch basket bearing

Drive shaft bearing

Uprated the final drive chain to 630 gold O ring

Sprockets made to order (raising the gearing)

New coil, points and condenser

Points camshaft

Advance and retard unit

A new chrome alternator with piggyback regulator rectifier


There is no speedo etc. I reckon the bike has only done a couple of thousand miles max since all of the above.


The wheels Akront alloy wheels with stainless spokes

Nearly new, retro style tires, fitted by me.


Whoever first put the chopper together was an engineer, the frame is well built and the billet work and bearing carriers for the swing arm are a very nice touch.


I think some of the donor parts are from a 750 Kawasaki American police bike, early eighty’s.  I replaced the side stand and that was the bike it came off.  I made the stand shorter, but it still stands quite up-right, so you need to be careful when parking, that it has sufficient lean.  The front wheel is 21 inch with a disc break and the rear is only 15 inch with a drum, so this limits the range of tires, also both brakes are rubbish, so you have to ride accordingly.  If you come and look at the bike I’ll repeat this ‘the brakes are rubbish’!


When I got the bike it had a cable for the rear break, which is on the opposite side to the foot pedal, I’ve done away with the cable and fashioned a system of levers and rods to go from one side of the bike to the other.  This is getting the most out of the rear break, but it’s still not great.  As this bike has always been a rolling project this might be one thing you might want to look at going forward.


There is no kick-start, it starts on the button, which is a dream, but the battery needs to be top-notch all the time, so I keep it on a trickle charge.


This is an amazingly cool bike, but you wouldn’t want to be getting off a modern sports bike and riding this.  This kind of bike is the reason I love biking, it’s the kind of bike you need to engage with, you’ll know you’re riding something that wants your attention.


Because this is a genuine chopper it is on a Q plate, I found some insurance companies are okay and others aren’t, my current one is fine.  There are currently a few things that would be considered illegal, I run it on a black number plate.  There is no speedo and no front mudguard.  I’d prefer not to have a mirror but it has one because of so many crazy cyclist in Bristol and you’d have to get used to no indicators as they would be crime against style.


That’s more information than anyone deserves, the fun is learning how a bike like this ticks and to making it your own.


If you are looking for a unique bike, then this is one.


MOT’d in October by Dekos Custom Cycles Bristol

Tax until next October


Thanks for looking.

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