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Blitz Motorcycles BMW Sroul £10750.00
No. Cylinders:
Build type:
Engine size:
Caterham, UK
Days listed:
9 days

Tell us about your bike

For Sale is my 1 of 1 custom Blitz Motorcycle 


- A 1971 BMW R75/5 - SROUL 


This is a BMW R75/5 1971 donor bike that Paris based, Blitz Motorcycles acquired and remodelled. They named the bike SROUL, which means "Black Magic". 


I commissioned Blitz to build a bike to my design requirements, and on completion in 2016, it was exhibited at the Bike Shed Paris show. Immediately after the exhibition the bike was transported to London where it has remained in my collection permantly on a Blitz supplied battery maintenance charger and started regularly. 


Technical detail:- 


- Beposke rear loop designed to match the bespoke single seat. 

- Bespoke rear shocks

- Bespoke rear mudguards

- Fully rebuilt top engine: - pistons / rings / valves / gasket

- TCI / AC-CDI ignition system

- Clutch disc

- Reconditionned and re-jetted Bing carburators

- High temperature resistant mat black painting

- Blitz Motorcycles mini switches

- 100% rebuilt electric wiring

- vintage Triumph handlebars

- YES, there is a 12V battery to allow the electric starter to crank the engine, but you will never see it

- 18 inch front wheel

- Front fork lowered by 2 inches (5cm)

- 18 inch Firestone Deluxe both front and rear

- Genuine R75/5 headlight connected to the 100% fully rebuilt electric wiring

- Interior mirror of the headlight dyed in orange

- Vintage Honda tank painted gloss black

- Frame + handlebar + mudguard mat black power coated

- Headlight, headlight brackets and all engine covers gloss black powder coated

- Wheels gloss black painted


Visit Blitz website at - www.blitz-motorcycles.com  

Go to Bikes in the menu and then scroll down to BMW SROUL. 


Anyone in the know, will know that the blitz guys are super cool and the brand has grown to unbelievable heights since it started in 2010, with collaborations with Ralph Lauren RRL, EDWIN, Wheels & Waves, TUDOR watches, RM Williams (bike exhibited in Harrods London).  They have also starred in 'The Greasy Hand Preachers' movie along side some of the worlds best motorbike builders including Roland Sands, Shinya Kimura and Deus, which was produced by Orlando Bloom.  Other short films include 'Long Live the Kings', which is the epitome of custom bike building and riding.


Links to these videos can be found here - 





Here is your chance to skip the 2 year wait and own your own Blitz Motorcycle.


Bike is currently on a French registration, however I have all the documentation to submit to DVLA including the age certification from BMW.  I can complete the form and register with DVLA in new owner's name free of charge.  Upon submission an age related plate shall be issued by DVLA within 10 days.  


Tax and MOT exempt.


Cash on Collection 


Any questions please call or text Jonathan on 07862708972


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