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Triumph street scrambler 2017 £8450.00
Street Scrambler
No. Cylinders:
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London, UK
Days listed:
20 days

Tell us about your bike

For sale is my 2017 Triumph Street Scrambler in gloss black. This bike is an absolute joy to ride and I’m only regretfully having to sell it as now need a car for work. 


I purchased the bike in March 2017 from Carl Rosener Triumph, with its first service being done by them in April 17, and its next service will be done by them this Saturday (07/03/18). The odometer is currently sitting at 3610 miles but this will slightly increase until sale. Just under a years manufacturers warranty left. 


I’ve had lots of extras put on the bike as you can see, including performance and cosmetic parts. 


British Customs Shotgun Exhaust RRP $500 Plus international shipping and customs. 

This exhaust is incredible, not much different from stock at idle to avoid any curtain twitching and then a lovely deep roar when you give it some. Let me know if you’re interested and I can whatsapp you a video. Will sell with original slip ons too. 


Denali D4 2.0 LED Spotlights RRP £316 

These are like flamethrowers, great for visibility round town and do an incredible job when there’s no street lighting. Bought from R&G before late last year and fitted by Trimoto in Greenwich. I also bought the dual intensity unit for them so they’re wired into the bikes full beam switch & act as running lights when full beam isn’t on. Style might not be for everyone but British Customs have copied me on their latest street twin build and you can always remove and sell on. 


Tec Luggage Rack RRP £75


DART Flyscreens

Dart used my bike as the tester for their street scrambler range, I have the Marlin screen fitted at the moment but also have the Classic and Piranha screens and brackets which will come with the bike too. There’s some good pics of the bike on darts website if you’d like to see it before I swapped out the exhaust. 


Triumph Tear Drop mirrors. 

Will sell with original circle mirrors. 


Plastidipped luggage rack and left hand side panel black. I can peel this off if you’d prefer but the street scrambler graphics are awful. 


Dealer fitted:


Datatool Trakking System - will transfer this over to you if purchased. 

Datatool Alarm

Centre Stand

Heated grips


Ok now some very minor negatives.


As you can see the header pipes have discoloured & mottled a bit. Also textile trousers also caught on the new exhaust resulting int the small black mark you can see in the pic. 


The ‘street scrambler’ logo on the right hand side came unglued at one end - I tried to carefully peel the whole thing off but it tore as you can see in the pics. I imagine you’ll want to pull the whole thing off as it looks like it was created using WordArt anyway. 


The pillion pad has a tiny Allen head screw that supposedly keeps it in place and according the manual was meant to be done up to 2nm. Literally the first time I put it on I did half a twist and the whole thing sheered and misshaped the bracket - had to trim it off to get it to fit at all anymore. Causes zero problems with having a pillion as is still secured by two other plugs at the front. I understand this sounds confusing so please by all means call me to discuss and I can send more pics. 


Don’t get me wrong this isn’t a showroom quality bike as has been used regularly over the last year but it’s not far off. It’s been well looked after and is priced to sell with all extras included. I think I’ve covered everything but if you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch!



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