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CB550 - Robinsons Speed shop £5000.00
Brat Style, Café Racer
No. Cylinders:
Build type:
Engine size:
London, UK
Days listed:
47 days

Tell us about your bike

Better than ya friends mum

Do you dream of the Cafe Racer "instagram" lifestyle? beards, beeches, endless roadtrips, artisian bakeries and knitted shorts. Thought it could never be you riding in just a tshirt and some cons while the sun beats down on your tattoos?

Think again! 

This customised CB550 can give you that lifestyle at a fraction of the cost and more relaity than you can handle.
Built by Robinsons Speed shop in Essex for a customer who ended up not having enough time to ride it this beauty was bought by me in 2016 @ 476 miles- The sole purpose was to transport me and my flowing beard to hipstagram mecca Wheels and Waves. which it did and then came back to london to serve as my sunday fun bike.

Ok onto the boring stuff:

  • - CB550F 1976 (it predates staiinless steel so you cant get it wet)
  • 1400 Miles since rebuild
  • Full strip and rebuild performed by Robinsons Speed shop including:
  • Removing airbox and battery and relocating wiring
  • sweet narrow flat bars
  • Tail loop and brat seat
  • Custom paint on the tank
  • New Avon Tyres (now have 1400 miles on them)
  • Reconditiond Breaks, braided hoses
  • Motogadget style Switchgear - Wiring hidden in bars
  • 4into1 exhaust and new can (sounds like 1/4 of an F1 car)
  • Velocity Stacks, just listen to that induction roar!  - now i would replace these with air filters if you plan on using it more than the occasional sunday
  • New Mini Speedo and Tacho
  • I was told the engine was rebuilt and the compression is good across all clys so its probable that this happened, Luke from robinsons who built the bike confirmed it. I believe he no longer runs the shop due to a bad accident.

The bad stuff........theres always some bad, some people just fail to tell you!

  • The Starter clutch is on the way out, this dosent affect the ridability in anyway it just means that, it really only likes starting on the button once its warmed up, thats where the good ole kickstarter comes into its own!
  • It blows a little smoke when cold especially after sitting a while, considering that i was told it had a rebuild I dont think its rings and i suspect (as does a mechanic who looked at the bike) that its valve stem seals. Again, does not affect the ridability of the bike. just make sure you warm it up (like you should anyway!)
  • The Velocity stacks need to be replaced if you plan on riding in the wet (I only rode it once in the wet )


Any questions please feel free to contact me!
I'm open to ridiculous offers, as I always feel like a good laugh

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