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Norton Commando 1975 HYDE £9750.00
Café Racer, Other
850 Electric Start
No. Cylinders:
Build type:
Engine size:
London, UK
Days listed:
13 days

Tell us about your bike

Thank you for my viewing my very special Norton Commando 850 1975. The bike has a wonderful history behind it. The bike is a rare Norman Hyde Conversion 850, which were designed for export to the USA. It remained in California until 2008, when the owner shipped it to China for a classic rally across Mongolia! It was then imported to the UK which is when I came across it last year and purchased it, with the desire to upgrade and restore it to a high standard. 

  Unlike many classic Nortons this actually comes with documented history from myself and the previous owner. I also have proof of the mechanical work undertaken with receipts to date.   The work on all my Nortons is carried out by Norman White Norton. Norman was the one of the key engineers on the Commando design team back in the 60s/70s and today specialises in all things Commando. The man is a genius and he has helped me restore what was already a good working bike to an incredible machine which is a delight to ride. He is meticulous in his machine engineering precision and preparation. He has helped me sort out my other Nortons which, unknowingly, were a total disgrace mechanically when I acquired them.   I have purchased all official Norton parts from Andover Norton. I have spent well over £7k on the bike since I have owned it.   In the listing photos you can see some of the work Norman has carried out, but this doesn't include all the parts I have also purchased. Everything is new where required - including brand new Dunlop TT tyres!   One of the key things I wanted was a reliable bike, so I upgraded the Amal Carbs to an Allen's Performance Single Mikuni which has increased performance and cured any reliability issues associated with the Commando. I wanted to ride the bike, not just fix carbs all day.   If you are a traditionalist, I still have the Amals which you can have! I also have a spare seat as well which came with the bike.   I store the bike in a pressurised air bubble which stops any corrosion, and allows me to also keep the battery on trickle charge.   I think the price I'm asking for is very fair considering some of the Commando junk I see being peddled by others with zero history and minimal investment in care and maintenance.    I'm in no rush to sell, so please don't come along with ridiculous offers. The bike is located near TheBikeShed MC in East London where I store it, or I can bring it to South West London for viewing.   I accept bank transfer or cash on collection. Please note, I will also advertise elsewhere.   This machine is ULEZ exempt, Tax exempt and MOT exempt! Winner.   Any questions, please do ask. Thank you.

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