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The Kraken by La Busca £3500
LS 650 Savage
No. Cylinders:
Build type:
Engine size:
Ormskirk, UK
Days listed:
2 days

Tell us about your bike

This beautiful little bobber was created by Jez at La Busca in North Yorkshire in 2015. I love the simple purity of its lines. It's entire development is available to see on Facebook so you can follow the stages of the rebuild; it also featured here - https://thebikeshed.cc/la-busca-motorcycles-the-kraken/

Naturally I have changed a few elements of the styling but I have tried to stay true to the spirit of the original. It was necessary to change some "show bike " parts in order to make it street legal - rear number plate, rear reflector. Other changes are upgrades - the powerful micro led indicators, the motone led rear light. The decision to go with tan leather seating and matching pannier bag is aesthetic and may be returned to the original if preferred (I have retained the original seat). The new seat is far more comfortable for real world riding and the pannier gives a little practical storage. The biggest change was the decision to remove the tank mounted instrument cluster and create a fuel tank that kept the lines of the bike. This work was done by the Hartlepool Radiator Company who specialise in this work. The tank was resprayed to complete. Consequently a brand new Acewell speedometer has been fitted, and calibrated, on the handlebars. Bar end mirrors finish that off giving excellent rear visibility and they can easily be rotated inwards to save space. The sharp eyed will notice that I removed the exhaust wrapping and had the header pipe ceramic coated by Camcoat Performance Coatings in Warrington. The current tail pipe is slightly quieter that the original through pipe however I have kept that muffler as well so it may be reinstated if preferred.

The genuine mileage is recorded on the speedometer picture. The Kraken is now a reliable and almost practical ride that starts first time, every time, without fuss.

Oil filter and oil change last week. Brake fluid replaced Aug 2017. NGK iridium spark plug fitted Aug 2017. Air filter is by Piper Cross and may be washed and reused.

I have a video with the engine running which may be sent as an email attachment if you wish to see and hear the bike.

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