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BMW K100 Scrambler £7995
No. Cylinders:
Build type:
Engine size:
Cramlington NE23, UK
Days listed:
19 days

Tell us about your bike

This is a totally reworked and rebuilt BMW k100 Paris Dakar Tribute that we've just reworked, it was for sale last year but since then we've done more work on it to make it even better. 


Originally built as a work horse it's turned out way to nice for us to use and abuse so here we have it for sale. 

This bike rides beautifully and is so smooth. The fuel injection is snatch free, the exhaust although straight through isn't overly loud and gives off a lovely deep grumble that suits the bike so well. 


We've have literally rebuilt, replaced or modified the whole of the bike.

The engine is a gem, low miles for one of these, 45000 I think, still have the original clocks that go with this bike.

As you can see the bike has been totally reworked to give it a different look and to perform better than the original.

The engine was fully cleaned then serviced with new liquids filters plugs etc. The fuel injectors are reconditioned Bosch updated ones. A new fuel pump and fuel filter has been fitted along with a new battery and starts without fault.


A sump bash plate was made from aluminium not only to protect the sump but also gives the bike a better look.

The original stainless downpipes where cleaned and polished up then mated to a bespoke collector and intermediate pipe leading to a small stainless can. Like we say it's straight through but not overly loud which was a nice surprise when we built it.

The forks have been rebuilt using hyperpro internals and fluids giving a much better feel. New seals and gators too.

New Rental handle bars with new grips and mirrors. Cleaned and rebuilt standard switch gear and master cylinder. New braided hose lines front and back and a new clutch cable too.


A new KOSO digital speedo replaces the large lunch box that was originally on here.

The brake calipers front and back were stripped, cleaned and any parts that needed replacing was then rebuilt with a new coat of paint and new pads. Now as good as new. There's a brand new disc on the rear also.

The frame has a modified subframe to alter the stance and lines of the bike giving the bike a unique look now.

A brand new YSS shock was added on the rear so along with the rebuilt forks you can understand now why we said it's rides better than standard.


Steel panels were made to extend the tank around the radiator for that certain look. Professional Paint job. Frame and wheels powder coated.

New continental TKC80 tyres.

New Acerbis headlight, front mudguard and pouch on the back. New indicators and LED rear light.

You can see a theme going on here, the whole bike has been gone through to make it ready to ride to any destination and have fun on the way.


It'll be sad to see it go as we do really love this bike but new projects await so the time has come.

We'll deliver the bike for free in mainland UK as we want to make sure the new owner is totally happy with the bike.

Please look at the pictures as I'm sure I've forgotten loads of details about the bike, any questions please don't hesitate to ask. 

We may take a part ex but depends on what bike you've got.

Test rides available but only if full money is handed over first sorry.


For more pics look on our website and Instagram page of November Customs

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