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1979 BMW R80 'Marcy' £9500
Brat Style
R65 (R80 Engine)
No. Cylinders:
Build type:
Engine size:
Cardiff, UK
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0 days

Tell us about your bike

The bike was purchased in September 2015 as a standard R65 with the R80 (800cc) engine transplanted in by a previous owner. DVLA have been notified of this upgrade. She had been well looked after by a BMW specialist in Lincolnshire and happily made the 350 mile journey to South Wales without skipping a beat.

She was accepted into the Shed Built category at the 2018 Bike Shed show at Tobacco Dock and she very much looked the part stood next to many other beautiful custom creations and if you attended the show, you probably saw her there!

The desire to build this bike came from a lovely example that the guys at Down & Out Motorcycles created a few years back. Their R80 Boxer Gold set the wheels in motion and I knew I had to get something like this built and add my own touches along the way.

The project began by stripping the bike back to the barest bones and diving straight in with powdercoating and aqua/ vapour blasting which both helped to get parts cleaned of corrosion and protected against the harsh coastal weather.

Lots of parts such as mudguards and sub frame were produced by Down & Out and the completely new electrics include a full overhaul of parts from the likes of motogadget & motone. It has been a long process getting Marcy on the road once again but now that she is, the sense of satisfaction has been overwhelming.

The wiring is extremely discrete and barely visible thanks to meticulous work hiding it within the handle bars, along the spine of the frame and terminating at the Motogadget M-Unit & fuse box mounted under the seat which is also barely visible.

She's perfect for tackling the open roads and narrow country lanes alike and as much as she loves being kept clean, she doesn't look half bad caked in mud either. In any case she's a real head turner!

Although I don't typically build bikes to sell, the need to gain funds to put towards other projects outweighs the desire to keep her so it's with a very very heavy heart that she's going up for sale.


Frame: 1979 R65 (original VIN plate on frame)

Engine: 1978 R80

Tank colour: BMW Laguna Seca Blue & White

Tyres: K60 Scout

Wheels: Original BMW 'Snowflakes' Powdercoated gloss black

Engine: 800cc

Carbs: Original 'flat top' BMW (stripped, cleaned and rebuilt)

Forks: Original R65 rebuilt with new seals

Front Brakes: Original Brembos stripped, aquablasted and rebuilt with new genuine rebuild kit and brake pads.

Rear Brakes: New genuine BMW shoes, rod and foot brake switch fitted

Final Drive/ Bevel box: Aquablasted exterior casing

Yokes: Original bottom yoke replaced with NOS part from BMW Motorworks complete with new bearings

Driveshaft: Replaced original with NOS part from BMW Motorworks complete with new UJ bolts to gearbox

Mileage: <3000 miles since restoration

MOT: March 2020

TAX: Exempt

Transmission: 5 speed

Handlebars: Renthal Street Fighter

LED indicators: Motogadget M-blaze

Handlebar Switches: Motogadget & Motone

Handlebar Grips: Motogadget Black Rubber

Mirror: Motogadget

Throttle mechanism: Domino

Clutch and Brake levers & perches: Triumph Daytona 675

Brake Lines: Custom made carbon fibre finish

Throttle Cables: Custom made to suite upgraded mechanism

Brake Fluid Reservoir: LSL billet CNC aluminium

PLC: M-unit V2 & fusebox hidden under seat

Ignition: M-lock keyless fob

Subframe: D&O

PVC black brat seat: D&O

LED tail light: D&O

Mudguards: D&O

Security: M-unit alarm

Downpipes: BMW OEM stainless steel (polished & sealed)

Silencers: Aftermarket matte black 'baseball bat' style

Numerous stainless steel items fitted throughout the bike


Check out her entire build from standard R65 to modern classic street scrambler on instagram:



Also see her in action on YouTube:



£9,500 ono

Any questions feel free to get in touch.

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