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Honda cb 750 (1982) £3500
Café Racer
CB 750 SC
No. Cylinders:
Build type:
Engine size:
Romford, UK
Days listed:
11 days

Tell us about your bike

Here we have my 1982 CB 750 SC. Located in East London, Romford.

This bike will be Tax, MOT, and ULEZ exempt from 1st April (as it is 40 yrs old). It has a current MOT (until August) and regularly service, the last service was Jan '23. New battery just fitted.


Since the professional photo (more professional than I could do) were taken I have relocated the pegs (they were a little been tight for taller riders and the new location better suits the bike and accessible to all). I have moved the plate to a bracket on the hugging the rear wheel and I have a bracket for the clip-ons so they are higher for comfort though have the clip-ons so can be easily reversed.


This bike was chopped before I got it, with the value of the originals now I wouldn’t have had the heart to do it and the welds seem to be solid, the builder when for a flat back rather than the hoop that is currently in vogue, so I assume this was a 90-00s change.



Good Points:

- Forks have been rebuilt in summer 2022

- Carbs rebuilt in December

- Tyres are less than 1000 miles on them

- Brakes pads and fluids all replaced in summer 2022

- Li-on battery in 2023

- New Delkevic exhaust in 2020

- Carbs Jetted and Pod filters added

- Insurance its ridiculously cheap on this, I live in east London (motor theft capital of the country) and I this insured in a council garage away from my property for a fully comp total of £110 a yr., and NCD seems to make little difference.



Bad Points:

- This isn't I professional build, I had some things done professionally like the paint, the upholstery, fitted tyres, etc. but the bulk of the work has been very much shed quality.

- paintwork, unfortunately, has a petrol stain on it.



This bike is a real head turner between the classic void in the frame, its general leanness as an air cooler engine and the custom tank and seat. I often get stopped by bikers and non-bikers alike. Again, it’s not a professional build but I refer to it as a great 5-foot bike, if you start poking around, we can notice some minor imperfections, but it’s got the bones of a quality-produced machine and the engine has decent power for the age. The carbs have been jetted for the pod filters and exhaust and although running a little rich its bang on for power.


Anything that wasn’t broken on the bike when received has been saved so I have a box of parts the new owner can take or leave. I doubt it’d be cost-efficient to get it back to stock but if you wanted to go another direction than myself and the previous builders went at less you have some options.


In terms of docs I have the manual, v5, MOTs, some receipts for work/parts.


The reason for sale is lack of use I have an ADV and a dirt bike and I would be looking to replace this with something more track and sports focused. The issue with these bikes is that they need riding else the carbs will gum all, of course, I only use E5 fuel but if left for a couple of weeks the carbs will sometimes be an issue.

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