We created these pages to connect savvy sellers of café racer, brat-style, scrambler, tracker, bobber customs directly to informed buyers, but we've also built it to work better for people like us; real custom bike buyers.

As well searching for bikes by make & model, visitors can filter by build type, build style, engine size and layout.

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Once your ad is posted, what you buy or sell, what you pay and how you deal with any transactions, collections or deliveries is all down to you. If it goes wrong, there’s nothing we can do. We are just the middlemen between seller and buyer. We do not take sales fees from sellers, and have no vested interests other than your classified listing.

Please be honest, and play nice. Bike Shed is not responsible for the accuracy of any listings, the quality of any listed bike, or the legitimacy of any sale, ownership or provenance of any bikes shown. Please check the seller's credentials. Please make sure buyers are genuine. Avoid people without proper contact details or PO box addresses. There are loads of scams out there. If it sounds too good to be true, (“rich oil rig worker wants your bike delivered, and needs your bank details for the depoist”) then it probably is. You have been warned. Check the Bike Shed forums for common scams.

These pages are exclusively for bikes in the new wave custom genre: Cafe Racers, Scramblers, Trackers, Brat-Style, Street Customs, Tasteful Bobbers a few cool hybrids and decent custom donors. This isn't the place for your street-fighter, Dakar racer, track-bike, chopper or classic bike. If we get enough demand perhaps we'll launch new pages for those, but ultimately these motorcycles are not what Bike Shed is about.

We will check all your ads to avoid these pages turning into another Ebay or Craiglist, and to keep all the ads within The Bike Shed approved genres of bike. Ineligible bikes will be rejected or deleted. We will endeavor to return your payment, although how quickly we do this is not guaranteed. Please list responsibly. If you're not sure if your bike is eligible, then check the main site for inspiration, and if you're still not sure then email us and ask.

Thanks, The Bike Shed Team.

If you have any serious problems or questions please email [email protected]

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